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I'm Taylor and I can tell we are already going to be friends. Let's just say art and design have always been my passion. It's etched deep into my heart. Drawing Deeper has been creating a home in my mind for almost 2 years now and I feel ready (and a little nervous) to launch it out into the world. Basically, it's a mashup of helping authors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries launch their brand and mixing in my love of helping people draw deeper into who they are called to be. Drawing Deeper Studio is a dual space. It's where creativity meets community... 


Welcome to Drawing Deeper Studio

A place where you can draw deeper through creativity and community. This is a space to build your identity through websites, brand kits, logos, social media design, and fine art pieces. This studio goes deeper than most though because there is a community to it- an opportunity to draw deeper to The Creator. No matter where you are at on your journey, you are welcome here.


Drawing Deeper Studio is a place for creativity. Do you have a dream website, logo, social media, or brand identity that you are looking for? You are at the right place! Drawing Deeper is here to bring your brand to life.



Drawing Deeper is a place for community. This part of of the studio will be for everyone, even if you don't want to build a brand. It will include blogs, devos, Bible studies, and capture real life stories and obstacles we face each day.



Deeper THrough Creativity
and Community

Praying Together


Your brand is what brings your business and vision to life. It starts with the logo and the brand kit, then builds to your website that portrays your story and mission.


Social media branding is very important in business. When a person visits your social media does it show your brand and your story? Is there a cohesive brand, but also a touch of personalization?

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What better way to advertise your new brand with prints that showcase who you are and all that you do. You can create any piece you need from brochures, business cards, info cards, flyers, invitations, save-the-date, etc.

Fine Arts

This is where it all started, where the love of art and design began. Do you have a specific piece of art you want created? A portrait, painting, landscape, or whatever it may be this is your place to be.

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The DESIGN Studio

Round Podium

David D.

Fitness Coach

Drawing Deeper transformed our brand to gain attraction and promote growth for KarTTia Fitness. The vision that was cast through Drawing Deeper Studio has made a huge impact for potential customers and current members. But the most impressionable qualities are not seen at the surface. The continuous communication that brought the vision to life and the attention to detail is what's most impressive. I am extremely grateful for Drawing Deeper!

Spiral Stairs
Spiral Stairs

Drawing deeper Community

This part of Drawing Deeper is for community. It's the place to draw deeper into who you are called to be. This portion has some very exciting things launching within in the next 6 months and I am so excited to have a team of people curating some devos, Bible studies, blog posts, and real life stories to share.

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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