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Capture the Beauty

Do you have a picture of your child(ren), a special anniversary/wedding, someone you love, or a special place? A piece of art is the perfect and unique way to let a special place or memory live on forever.

This is where the love of art and design began. From a tiny sketchbook and pencil the world suddenly came alive.

Fine Arts

THE Person

Portraits are some of the best ways to capture a person/people you love in a beautiful way. It can be your kids, nieces/nephews, anniversary, wedding, or really any moment that is brought to life. Portraits add a specialized touch to any gift or decor around the house.

The Memory

Is there a special celebration coming up or a loved one that you want to remember? A specialized art piece adds a timeless touch to a anniversary, person, or place.

The Place

We all have a favorite place or piece of architecture that holds a special place in our hearts. A watercolor or graphite landscape captures these places beautifully.

Get Started

Let's Go! Now the real fun begins! It's time to bring a special piece of art to life. I (Taylor) can't wait to chat with you and capture your thoughts and ideas to bring your art idea to life!

Fill out the form below to let the fun begin, to get a price quote, or simply ask a question. An email will be sent to you to schedule a consultation call. This is free and does not mean you are locked into anything. Let's chat.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Thank you! Chat Soon!

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